[trash-talk] the great jt leroy bomb finally drops

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can someone send out the link for the story on jt leroy please I deleted it before readintg. 
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  it's the weirdest thing - having continually emailed and finally having met jt, shook his hand, been to the readings, seen this person and totally having understood why so many people (famous and otherwise) fell in love with him - one can't help feeling enormously betrayed.  the stories were meant as works of fiction, but what made them so appealing was knowing that at the core, there was a real character.  people fell in love with the idea of jt, and as works of pure fiction they are just not the same.


  elfi, remember in 2003 when we went to that reading at the coral room and before the event started, we all  met up with speedie / Emily Frasier / laura albert so you and vitalie could get to the hotel room? I remember her accent kept coming in and out but I attributed it to her having been in this country for so long.  anyway one of you made an offhanded comment about jt being difficult and she replied, "psch.  try living with him."  for some reason that always stuck out in my mind and it takes on a much weirder meaning now.


  I only have to look at the photos of ms knoop once to know that the person in those pictures is definitely the person I met.


  this is also the greatest literary hoax of our time. in hindsight it all makes complete sense.



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  I still have to read the articles/links attached so I can't say what I think, but, that's quite... interesting... (can't find the word) All I know is the person, calling himself Jt Leroy, that I met (he/she wore a wig and make up back then), and the same person a good friend of mine spent a few days with (same hotel room, etc) looked a lot like a boy (without a wig or any artifices). But then anything is possible... 

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