[trash-talk] the great jt leroy bomb finally drops

Lauren lw78 at iprimus.com.au
Thu Jan 12 06:08:10 PST 2006

Way, way too many SERIOUSLY fucked up ppl in this world.
I have nothing to say on this matter

*Sighs loudly*

Anyway, here's another....



At 02:30 AM 1/11/2006, you wrote:
>Shy and reclusive, Mr. Leroy, now 25, appeared in public often
>disguised beneath a wig and sunglasses. But the young man in the wig
>and sunglasses, it turns out, is not a man at all. The public role of
>JT Leroy is played by Savannah Knoop, Geoffrey Knoop's half sister,
>who is in her mid-20's. ... It is unclear what effect the unmasking
>of Ms. Knoop will have on JT Leroy's readers, who are now faced with
>the question of whether they have been responding to the books
>published under that name, or to the story behind them... But perhaps
>those most affected by the revelation that Ms. Knoop has been playing
>the public role of JT Leroy are those who went out of their way to
>help someone they thought was a troubled young man. ... To present
>yourself as a person who is dying of AIDS in a culture which has lost
>so many writers and voices of great meaning, to take advantage of
>that sympathy and empathy, is the most unfortunate part of all of
>this. A lot of people believed they were supporting not only a good
>and innovative and adventurous voice, but that we were supporting a

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