[trash-talk] the great jt leroy bomb finally drops

Stefanie Schwartz skull at spastica.net
Tue Jan 10 06:43:04 PST 2006

So I don't know how many of you have seen this, but it turns out that JT
LeRoy is actually completely fabricated, the product of the woman most of us
referred to as 'Speedie,' and the actress is actually like, the
sister-in-law of the person referred to as 'Astor.'  the whole thing was
apparently fabricated so that the woman, who is not even British but in fact
from Brooklyn, could further her musical career.  great.  Stories like this
have been brewing for years, but this time the writers meticulously proved
their case and the truth seems pretty unavoidable:






I am really annoyed by this. I totally bought the whole thing, but in
hindsight it makes a ton of sense.


I wonder if Shirley knew. I would think not, but I imagine either a pissed
off or empathetic journal entry is coming on garbage.com.


It begs the question of whether the books are still great even if they are a
total work of fiction.  I still loved "The Heart is Deceitful," but it does
take away something for me.  That character was completely genius because
people fell in love with it.  Now what?




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