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| Paramount Sues Ohio Man For $100,000                               |
|   from the one-guy-one-movie-drop-the-bomb dept.                   |
|   posted by ScuttleMonkey on Wednesday December 14, @01:32 (Wireles|
|   http://yro.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=05/12/13/2317215          |

ematic writes "A hapless tech-novice finds himself in a [0]US$100,000
lawsuit with Paramount Pictures for allegedly uploading the movie, Coach
Carter, to eDonkey. Paramount had the police seize his four computers,
but nothing was found. The tech-novice maintains his innocence, and
contends that he is a victim of a drive-by upload. According to the
ChannelCincinnati story, the victim 'is either a slick film pirate or an
unwitting victim of someone who fits that description.'"

Discuss this story at:

     0. http://www.channelcincinnati.com/health/5520020/detail.html

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