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Boys Wanna Fight - the use of the word "wanna"; the majority of the lyrics; 
the intro; the cheesy sound - all this makes it cheesy. No matter how 
serious a topic Shirley claims to be broaching - the song is cheesetastic. 
Although there is a fabulous sound effect around 2.36 :P


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>Shirley: "I wanted to write about the chaos the world is in as governments 
>keep wanting to meet violence with violence." (Rip&Burn)
>Kerrang: Another target in her sights is the macho nature of wars in Iraq 
>and Afghanistan. 'Boys Wanna Fight' suggests that the need to wage war to 
>solve problems is a distinctly male approach to foreign policy. Is 
>[Shirley] seriously suggesting that a female administration would use 
>Shirley: Yeah, I absolutely do believe that. If it was a female 
>administeration I dont believe we would have gone to war for something that 
>we didnt really know was a threat. In really large issues it's always men 
>who want to use their brawn. There are occasionally girls who will fight 
>physically, but generally it's not their way to solve problems. (...) Don't 
>get me wrong, when I talk about fighting I do mean physical fighting. Women 
>are aggressive, but in non physical ways. I actually think it would be a 
>lot healthier if women did physically fight in some instances, but instead 
>they tend to use their mental capacities to inflict mental torture on other 
>human beings. (laughs)"
>I read a few more articles talking about the song and explaining more but I 
>cant remember which they are.
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