[trash-talk] I may be a pest pointing this out... BUT

wilson king garbagebase at yahoo.com
Sat May 7 11:37:50 PDT 2005

This paragraph says a lot. I like the new model that many bands are
adopting, which is to eliminate the record label entirely!  Bands are
recording their albums and then independently releasing them, completly
outside the scope of the traditional record industry. 

Of course that trend is really in it's infancy right now, and not
having a record label has the obvious disadvantage of no promo money.
But on the other hand you're really in control of your own destiny, so
to speak, and I believe that in the not too distant future more and
more bands will adopt this model. Major labels are scared right now,
and rightfully so. But unless they embrace this trend, it's going to be
a slow and painful death... 

> However, concerts and live appearances are the place where the band
> makes
> real money, so from THAT point of view any promotion is good
> promotion (even
> if it is in the form of people downloading tracks). I find it a
> slightly
> strange thing to say "well I don't buy them to punish the record
> labels" -
> the record labels frankly don't give a shit, and unfortunately it's
> the
> BANDS that get hurt the most. If the label has less money, they sign
> less
> bands, release less singles etc etc. Ultimately it's the bands that
> are hit.
> The fault lays completely at the feet of the labels themselves. They
> are
> stupid and arrogant and utterly blind when it comes to the way people
> use
> technology. But, I really don't know if this is an excuse.

"The greatest price of refusing to participate in politics is being governed by your inferiors."

 - Plato, The Republic

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