[Trash-talk] Why the hostility?

Karin qkarinb at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 5 19:27:26 PST 2005

Justin, you must be relatively new (within the last few years or so).
This isnt hostility ... as a matter of fact, its almost down right 
neighborly ;)

You (and everyone else) must learn to take what is posted here with a grain 
of salt and realise that certain things dont translate well via text and can 
/ is often misinterpreted.

Trashers tend to be very defensive of Shirl and the band and their right to 
privacy and we openly defend them even amongst eachother ...
Its not a bad thing to do ... as it just shows loyalty towards those who 
make the sounds we all have grown to love and hold dear to our hearts.

The fan club thing is a sore spot for some and just a small inconvenience 
for others.
There is No rule anywhere that states you have to belong to it in order to 
be considered a fan.
If you like their music, youre a fan.
Save yourself the 20$ USD and buy some stickers, if that'll make you happier 


Justin curiously pondered and asked:

> Wow.. there seems to be a bit of hostility.... I happen to agree that we 
> aren't
> OWED anything by the band... at least in the sense of personal 
> information.
> We've been really spoiled for a long time by Shirley writing her every 
> little
> thought down and posting it for the world to read. How many other bands, 
> at
> Garbage's level of popularity, do that? None... or very, very VERY few. 
> (at
> least not to the extent Shirley did).
> I'm really shocked by all the info coming out, especially since I thought 
> it was
> always the plan for this to be the last album anyway (I vaguely remember
> everyone thinking they would get about 4 good albums out of it).  It 
> surprises
> me the band got so miserable they could barely make this album. In some 
> sense,
> it would've been nice to have gotten some hint there were issues, but they
> obviously worked through them and produced the album. It might even make a
> BETTER album (some claim tension helps creativity)...
> As for Shirley's marriage.. that is totally none of our business. I can
> completely understand why she didn't want to publicize anything before she 
> had
> to. Garbage has been so under the radar for a few years she was able to 
> take
> advantage of that and maybe get her life a little bit back in order before
> facing the press. When you break up with your significant other, is the 
> first
> thing you want to do run and scream it on the top of your lungs that 
> you've
> broken up? Probably not (unless the ex was a TOTAL psycho!) And from all
> accounts, Shirley and Eddie had an incredibly tight emotional bond. 
> Whatever
> caused that to dissipate must have been horrendous for all involved.
> That all said... everyone has the right to their opinion, and I think 
> being
> openly hostile seems a bit of a strange reaction.
> But with any luck, the difficulties are behind us... the band IS together, 
> an
> album IS coming, there IS a tour. They owe us a good show and good tickets 
> for
> our $20... and not much else...

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