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Sat Mar 5 16:28:39 PST 2005

to each his own. a lot of ppl don't agree w/ the fan club fee. a  lot choose 
not to pay it. at the vid shoot shirley said that it was a record  company 
thing that the band didn't have much to do with. i still paid for the  club. 
i respect that u put ur feelings out like this. most ppl would be  like, 
"they're charging too much so they suck and i'm not buying things  anymore", but u 
gave a good arguement even tho i don't agree. good show. 
it's sad about shirley's relationship status and it was quite  unnerving to 
hear about how the band was gone for a while. i'm glad they're  back. all in 
all, i don't care what happens as far as financial gain and  popularity...i'm 
still a fan and i will forever be a fan. i'm very greatful to  them for their 

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