[trash-talk] Definitive version of the first show, 11/5/95??

wilson king garbagebase at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 23 15:48:28 PDT 2005

Hey Now here's a discussion I like to see on trash talk! 

I have the DAT you describe as #1 below. Some strange glitches for sure
intermittant through the show, although they don't sound like the
"classic" digital noises usually associated with DAT tapes... more of a
fluttery kind of warped sound every once in a while, if that makes any

I'd like to hear the #2 version you have, as you seem to indicate that
it doesn't have the errors that are present on version #1. 

As for the #3 you just downloaded, sounds like nothing new, except for
the interview part. That would be cool to hear. 


--- Darren <dnemeth01 at charter.net> wrote:

> A version of Garbage's first show, 11/5/95, is currently being
> torrent at
> DIME and it brings up a slew of questions for me.
> I was a little excited about it because the uploader claims to have
> had
> personal connections with the original taper but was soon let down
> after
> hearing the first track.
> Sadly, the entire show is heavily edited.  At least by 11 min when
> compairing with my version, which is sourced from a DAT clone > CD
> audio.
> There now seems to be three variations of this particular recording
> in
> circulation since the mid 1990s.  I may be wrong about this.  You
> guys would
> know more about this than I.  My knowledge about this is nearly 4
> years old
> now.
> version #1. DAT > DAT clone > CD Audio of unknown lineage.  Digital
> noise
> during the first track and some glitches elsewhere.  I don't have
> this but
> at the time folks were talking about it extensively because it was on
> clones making the rounds.
> 2. DAT > DAT clone > CD Audio of unknown lineage.  Same recording but
> seems
> to play perfectly fine from beginning to end.  This is the one I have
> had
> for ages.
> 3. DAT > CD Audio > EAC > FLAC.  Heavily edited.  The one torrented
> at DIME.
> Thankfully for me, the one torrented has an interview at the end from
> the
> day of the concert, but again sadly edited, so my disappointed was
> softened
> a bit.
> The old version I have was supposedly the best in circulation when I
> got it
> 5 or 6 years ago.  Just popped it into the PC and still can rip it
> with EAC
> without flaws.
> Here are a few questions I hope that some here may have knowledge
> about.
> Is there more a more complete version of the 11/5/95 DAT recording? 
> Mine
> clocks in at 73:14.
> Are there other recording sources for 11/5/95?
> Has there been a newer transfer from the original DAT tape?  By newer
> meaning within the past couple of years.
> I wonder the same about their 2nd show, too.
> The original DAT and some of those DAT clones are nearing the 10 year
> old
> mark (has it been that long ago?!!?)
> I hope at least one had been copied using a non-resampled transfer on
> modern
> equipment and is available in a lossless format.
> Darren

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