[trash-talk] Definitive version of the first show, 11/5/95??

Darren dnemeth01 at charter.net
Mon Aug 22 19:40:46 PDT 2005

A version of Garbage's first show, 11/5/95, is currently being torrent at
DIME and it brings up a slew of questions for me.

I was a little excited about it because the uploader claims to have had
personal connections with the original taper but was soon let down after
hearing the first track.

Sadly, the entire show is heavily edited.  At least by 11 min when
compairing with my version, which is sourced from a DAT clone > CD audio.

There now seems to be three variations of this particular recording in
circulation since the mid 1990s.  I may be wrong about this.  You guys would
know more about this than I.  My knowledge about this is nearly 4 years old

version #1. DAT > DAT clone > CD Audio of unknown lineage.  Digital noise
during the first track and some glitches elsewhere.  I don't have this but
at the time folks were talking about it extensively because it was on DAT
clones making the rounds.

2. DAT > DAT clone > CD Audio of unknown lineage.  Same recording but seems
to play perfectly fine from beginning to end.  This is the one I have had
for ages.

3. DAT > CD Audio > EAC > FLAC.  Heavily edited.  The one torrented at DIME.

Thankfully for me, the one torrented has an interview at the end from the
day of the concert, but again sadly edited, so my disappointed was softened
a bit.

The old version I have was supposedly the best in circulation when I got it
5 or 6 years ago.  Just popped it into the PC and still can rip it with EAC
without flaws.

Here are a few questions I hope that some here may have knowledge about.

Is there more a more complete version of the 11/5/95 DAT recording?  Mine
clocks in at 73:14.

Are there other recording sources for 11/5/95?

Has there been a newer transfer from the original DAT tape?  By newer
meaning within the past couple of years.

I wonder the same about their 2nd show, too.

The original DAT and some of those DAT clones are nearing the 10 year old
mark (has it been that long ago?!!?)

I hope at least one had been copied using a non-resampled transfer on modern
equipment and is available in a lossless format.


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