[trash-talk] Garbage 5/10/05 DVD

James Lick jlick at drivel.com
Sat Aug 20 01:15:59 PDT 2005

Ian Abbott wrote:

>Not forgetting of course that most DVD's use Dolby AC-3 for audio...  
>LPCM seems only to be used on short music DVDs (promo collections and  
>so on) where disk space isn't so much of an issue, being uncompressed  
>audio. Otherwise AC-3 is the best bet as it compresses audio by a  
>factor of 10 or so if you use 192kbps or 224kbps. I've only ever seen  
>a couple of MPEG Audio DVDs and they were back in the early days; I  
>think the original Fargo PAL release used it. These days even PAL  
>only really uses AC-3 or LPCM.

Music DVDs usually use LPCM because they want the better sound quality 
of uncompressed sound, and often they only have a stereo source so they 
don't need the multi-channel features of AC-3 or DTS.  As for the mp2 
comment, I meant that that DVD standard only requires PAL players to 
support that codec, so a DVD with an mp2 soundtrack won't necessarily 
play on an NTSC player.  You are right that DVDs with mp2 are very 
rare.  Anyways, we're getting pretty offtopic here, so I'll leave it at 
that for the DVD trivia.

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