[Trash-talk] bootlegs are a wonderful thing

matt ifeelintoxicated at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 9 19:41:42 PST 2004

So, I was going through my little CD carousel thing on
my dresser, and found all my old Garbage bootlegs that
I haven't listened to in quite some time.  So I have
one from the first album tour, quite a few from the
Version 2.0 tour (especially the Campus Invasion
tour), and I was really surprised to find TWO bootlegs
from the Beautiful Garbage tour.

I never even knew I had them.  Well, I must have known
if I made the CD's, but I honestly don't remember
having them.  It was the most pleasant surprise I've
had in quite a while.  Right now, I'm listening to a
concert from Hamburg on November 5, 2001.  I also have
one from Ontario in October, I believe.

It just made me really happy.  And I thought I'd
share, since there's not too much going on right now
on this list.


by the way, is there a video online yet of shirley
performing "call me" with blondie?  i only have the
video for "bounce along"

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