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Tue Nov 9 11:24:18 PST 2004

>p.s. I have just been prescribed anti-depressants for the first time in
>my life. Does anyone have any experience they can share with me about
>these things? I think I am doing the right thing, as life is so
>miserable at the moment, but it's a tiny bit scary for me. thanks.

I was offered anti-depressants, but I turned them down. I had issues, but I 
wanted to get through it without chemical assistance. It's taken me five 
years, but I feel great nowadays. Even if I feel miserable I know I'll get 
over it. I also tried talking to a couple of therapists, but they only 
pissed me off, they didn't help me in any way, so I knew I was on my own 
with my problems. And I managed to get through it, today I am a happy, 
outgoing person! As opposed to the shy, angry, depressed and frightened 
little kitten that I was. It's got a lot to do with your self-confidence. 
You have to trust yourself before you can trust others.


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