[Trash-talk] HOAHB album tracks

Claude Knaus clyde7 at bluewin.ch
Mon May 31 10:03:12 PDT 2004

On May 31, 2004, at 4:28 PM, xshirleyxvixenx *~* wrote:

>> I dunno, I kinda *like* the title. I'd thought early on that they 
>> might call it that. And it has a real *Shirley-esque* feel to it, and 
>> the sorts of imagery it conjurs. Add to this that it was based on an 
>> oddball television show (if I remember correctly, one of those kooky 
>> reality-tv-like competition things) -- which is so *out in left 
>> field* from anything you'd imagine if you just happened upon the 
>> title in a record shop. So that makes me like it too.
> It's the "Hard Body" bit that does it for me. I just have this weird 
> thing... :/

I agree. The second thing which comes to mind is a well-trained 

>> Bleed Like Me and It's All Over But The Crying are my two favorite 
>> song titles. Oooh, and of course Calling All Girls. That sounds like 
>> a fun one.
> Calling All Girls makes me giggle a little bit. It sounds like a 
> complete fast paced cheese fest. I like the sound of Run. I'm just 
> hoping that it will be the rocky serious one :P Songs called Run are 
> usually good.. :P

I think of Run to sound either like Push It or Driving Lesson.

Of course Nobody Can Win will be a classic ballade (it's the last song, 
what else than a ballade could be there with such a title).
I have my hopes for Right Between the Eyes. sounds rocky and guitarry 
and angry.

Actually, I'd like it better if the song names were shorter. Vow. 
Queer. Milk. Those were names (and songs!). Wordy song titles seem to 
indicate that they're kind of slow....

>  Hanging with the Bitches makies me cringe a little bit - a hip hop 
> stylee pisstake? Guilty and the last five sound quite good. If you can 
> guess the quality of songs by the titles (but I did the same for V2.O 
> and I was right! :P)
> Why don't you songs seem to be on offer at the moment. Oh well, I look 
> forward to hearing it all of course. Unfortunately, I know I'll love 
> most of it. Isn't it terrible to be predictable? :) I don't thinK I 
> could be majorly disappointed but hey we'll see.

I won't hate any of them, but I'm not convinced that they'll be all 
great either... the first album was still way bettter than the second, 
which was better than the third... I hope this rule will be broken.

So when will the album be out? My estimate: June 28. Or whatever it 
takes to create this new web page.

-- Claude
PS: indeed busy I am... why am I working on weekends and whitmondays 
(holiday here).

> lou
> xx
>>>> SONGS:
>>>> Be my Bad Boyfriend Run
>>>> Why don't you come over
>>>> Guilty
>>>> It's all over but the Crying.
>>>> Sex is not the Enemy
>>>> Hanging with the Bitches
>>>> Why don't you love Me.
>>>> Calling All Girls
>>>> HoneyBee
>>>> Bleed Like Me
>>>> Right Between the Eyes
>>>> Space Can come Through Anyone
>>>> Nobody Can Win
>>> lou
>>> xx
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