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Tue Mar 30 09:09:09 PST 2004

Why do people keep comparing Shirley to Anie Lennox? They're nothing like 
each other apart from both being redheads..! It really bothers me sometimes.


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>Who's on the cover of that one? I just picked up the one with Ben Affleck 
>on the cover and there is a small mention of Shirley in the interview with 
>Amy Lee, but I didn't see anything you mentioned.
>Amy Lee said that Smashing Pumpkins/Garbage was the first real concert she 
>went to and how much she admires Shirley and Annie Lennox for their 
>powerful alto voices.
>blisteringheat wrote:
>>Shirley writes an article on Patti Smith in the new issue of RS. I also
>>liked Dave Grohl's piece on Zeppelin, Julian Casablancas' on the Velvets,
>>Lou Reed's on Bowie, Manson's on the Doors, and Little Richard's on 
>>(of course!). Hell, they're all good. Pick it up!
>>when did i get perverted
>>i can't remember your name
>>i'm growing introverted
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