[Trash-talk] Shirley in new RS

fluffhead garbagebase at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 30 11:10:55 PST 2004

Hmm well they both stand out as powerful female lead vocalists against
the backdrop of male bandmates, they both have attention getting good
looks and they don't hesitate to speak their respective minds. 

I haven't heard any of the recent comparisons myself, but now that you
mention it I don't find anything particularly disturbing about such a

Why does it bother you?

--- "starvin' @nette" <bowdowntoanette at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Why do people keep comparing Shirley to Anie Lennox? They're nothing
> like 
> each other apart from both being redheads..! It really bothers me
> sometimes.
> @nette

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