[Trash-talk] Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ the Henry Fonda Theatre (review, NGR)

blisteringheat blisteringheat at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 15 16:46:06 PST 2004

Well it was a nice run for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Not that they're done or
anything. I expect monstrous success for them, and deservedly so. What is
done, sadly, is the thrill of seeing them in a club setting with hardcore
music fans. At least in LA. Just a few weeks back I saw them at the
Troubadour and it was fucking fantastic. Now with the success of Maps,
they've become the darlings apparently of both KROQ and some of the "adult
alternative" stations in the area. Just a short time ago Karen O. was
sprawled out on the edge of the stage in front of me and repeatedly
throwing herself into the arms of her hysterical and adoring fans. Now
there's a railing and security guards and old couples with sweaters and
fanny packs in the audience. The side of the stage was filled up with
celebrities. While their hardcore fanbase was still no doubt present, they
were not even close to the majority. People loudly talked on their cell
phones during the show. I think as many people were there to get drunk as
were there to see the band. The really awful thing is that the performance
was great, so it had nothing to do with them. KROQ sponsered this show, so
probably half the tickets or more were promotional give aways. It would
never have noticed the glaring change had I not just seen them in a
different setting. You wonder how bands feel when this begins to happen
(for some). I mean the success has to be awesome. But, at the same time,
they probably all start to miss the way it was when they were playing
places like the Troubadour. I imagine next time they play LA it will be the
Universal Amphitheatre. I'm glad for their success but it's also a little
bit sad.

But like I said, they were still amazing and put on a great show. Karen O.
is a fucking nut case, and I mean that in the most flattering way possible.
The highlight of the show was when she flung a metal folding chair off to
the side and it sailed off the stage and into the crowd of celebrities,
nearly decapitating Famke Janssen. Maybe Karen O. was having the same
thoughts I was.  ;)

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