[Trash-talk] Pretty Girls @ the El Rey (review, NGR)

blisteringheat blisteringheat at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 15 16:07:56 PST 2004

Pretty Girls Make Graves is fast becoming my favorite band. Well after
Garbage of course, but let's just say G's next record better be a helluva
lot better than their last or I dunno. Anyways, one measure I like to use
when assessing a band's performance is "did they make you act in a way you
weren't planning on?". At this show another couple went with us and I had
planned on just kicking it off to the side with them. Pretty Girls opened
with Blue Lights, and by the time that one was over the place was going
nuts. I think it was when they went into More Sweet Soul, about four songs
in, that I just couldn't take it anymore. I handed Shelly my shirt, wallet
and keys, and just lept into the craziness going on. There's something so
euphoric about jumping around bouncing off of people who are all just as
much into the music as you are. Everyone there was totally into it and
having a blast, including of course the band themselves. I think this show
may have even topped their performance at the Troubadour a few months back.
Even if you're not sure about their recordings, this is a must see live

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