[Trash-talk] dark art

Veronica Speers susanatkins at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 17 12:39:19 PST 2004

I really like this site, lots of weirdness.  I found a pic of Mellissa Auf 
du Maur (I think), and there's a pic called "the trick is to keep breathing" 
in the Suzi9mm album.  So far I like the pullmyheartstrings album too and 
I'm still looking....


>From: Adam i Agnieszka Gasiorowski FNORD <agquarx at venus.ci.uw.edu.pl>
>Reply-To: agquarx at sieg-heil-szatan.org
>To: lista trash-talk <trash-talk at tcp.com>
>Subject: [Trash-talk] dark art
>Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 14:54:38 +0100
>	Hey, check out this gallery, I think
>  you'll like the art presented here...
>  <url: http://www.abnormis.com/ >

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