[Trash-talk] Metallica / Godsmack @ the Forum (concert review, NGR)

Alan Hoppe scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 7 16:37:55 PST 2004

Sorry, this is NGR. I probably shouldn't post it but something is guiding my 
fingers upon the keyboard .. like hands guided invisibly across a OUIGIE 
board .. spooky. And now my cursor is heading over to click on the SEND 
button .. I'm fighting it with all my might but this doesn't look good .. 
this message will surely be catapulted into trash-talk-land, much to the 
certain disgust of many .. like a barrel heading toward a torrid waterfall, 
and to its very doom.

Anyway ..

I saw Def Leppard once and they did that "in the round" thing. I was in sort 
of a drunken blackout at the time, and highlights that I remember had 
nothing to do with the actual performances onstage. They were:

Bouncing off of these scarey rocker dudes to provoke some festive fisticuffs 
(always a joy for people to experience in the round)
Singing along with Def Leppard in my best Bob Dylan voice, upsetting several 
Leppard enthusiasts .. tried convincing them that Def Leppard were the Bob 
Dylans of .. ummm .. their style of music, but this didn't help. So I ran 
Throwing dirt clods at my concert buddy's second-floor apartment window 
hours later, trying to find out if they'd made it back home yet. We got 
split up in the round somehow.

All in all, a low point in my concertgoing history. But they tell me I had a 
good time and that Def Leppard put on a good show. Anyway, my concert 
behavior improved when I started seeing Garbage. And I can remember the 
shows, even.


>From: "blisteringheat" <blisteringheat at earthlink.net>

>Figured I should see Metallica sometime  .....

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