[Trash-talk] Metallica / Godsmack @ the Forum (concert review, NGR)

Adam i Agnieszka Gasiorowski FNORD agquarx at venus.ci.uw.edu.pl
Mon Mar 8 02:12:43 PST 2004

Alan Hoppe wrote:
> Sorry, this is NGR. I probably shouldn't post it but something is guiding my
> fingers upon the keyboard .. like hands guided invisibly across a OUIGIE
> board .. spooky. And now my cursor is heading over to click on the SEND
> button .. I'm fighting it with all my might but this doesn't look good ..
> this message will surely be catapulted into trash-talk-land, much to the
> certain disgust of many .. like a barrel heading toward a torrid waterfall,
> and to its very doom.
> Anyway ..
> I saw Def Leppard once and they did that "in the round" thing. I was in sort
> of a drunken blackout at the time, and highlights that I remember had
> nothing to do with the actual performances onstage. They were:
> Bouncing off of these scarey rocker dudes to provoke some festive fisticuffs
> (always a joy for people to experience in the round)
> Singing along with Def Leppard in my best Bob Dylan voice, upsetting several
> Leppard enthusiasts .. tried convincing them that Def Leppard were the Bob
> Dylans of .. ummm .. their style of music, but this didn't help. So I ran
> away.
> Throwing dirt clods at my concert buddy's second-floor apartment window
> hours later, trying to find out if they'd made it back home yet. We got
> split up in the round somehow.
> All in all, a low point in my concertgoing history. But they tell me I had a
> good time and that Def Leppard put on a good show. Anyway, my concert
> behavior improved when I started seeing Garbage. And I can remember the
> shows, even.

	Have u ever been on a concert while on a 
 research chemical, like 2c-i ? I'm planning 
 to go to Metalmania 2004 (our Polish metal
 festival). I have some 300mg 2-ci. Will use
 it all. I wonder how much *I* will remember.

 2c-i is something a crossover between acid
 and MDMA so it should be fun!

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