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Wed Feb 4 11:33:37 PST 2004

* Action Alert: The Public Domain Needs Your Help!

Creative works are supposed to end up in the public domain, where 
anyone can use them without fearing lawsuits from copyright holders. 
This freedom makes it possible for Shakespeare to be the world's 
most performed playwright, and it allowed Disney to create films 
like "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White."  However, some powerful 
copyright holders have stopped works from entering the public 
domain by repeatedly lobbying Congress to extend the length of 
copyright terms.  This abuse of the law locks people out of their 
cultural heritage and puts an unfair tax on creativity.

Join the growing chorus of creators, archivists, bloggers, 
librarians, teachers, and citizens demanding that Congress restore 
balance to U.S. copyright law by supporting the Public Domain 
Enhancement Act (PDEA).  If passed, PDEA would require a small 
registration fee - as low as $1 - in order to retain copyright 
in a work.  This would allow unexploited works to enter the 
public domain while removing ambiguity about a work's copyright 
status.  PDEA already has 8 co-sponsors in Congress, but it 
needs many more.  Let your representative know that this 
balanced, practical approach to copyright reform is crucial 
to the spread of knowledge and culture.

Make your voice heard with the EFF Action Center:

Join EFF today:

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