[Trash-talk] OT: Why I don't want to visit USA, ever, any more

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* EFF Privacy Advisory: "US VISIT" - Passport to Database Nation? 

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has introduced a new 
border control program that sets a dangerous precedent: the creation 
of an essentially permanent database of biometrically identifying 
records.  The program, called "US VISIT," effectively treats every 
non-U.S. citizen to cross the border as a criminal suspect.

How does US VISIT work?  Upon entry into the U.S. by air or sea, 
each foreign citizen is photographed, fingerprinted and checked 
for a match with criminal, terrorist and immigration "watch lists."  
Whether or not an individual is deemed to have done anything 
illegal, the information gathered during this process is then 
placed in a government dossier that will be kept on file for 
75-80 years.

"Not only does US VISIT ignore the rights of foreign citizens, it's 
precisely the sort of program that federal law enforcement has 
repeatedly pushed for U.S. citizens," said EFF Washington Policy 
Liaison Lisa Dean.  "If US VISIT is successful, the next step 
could be a national ID system, or 'internal passport,' based on 
biometric identifiers."

"The government's privacy impact assessment report on US-VISIT makes 
it clear that the current version of the program is only its first 
phase, and that the information it collects will be widely shared 
with any government or law enforcement bodies that have a use for 
it," added EFF Senior Attorney Lee Tien.  "This is the perfect 
recipe for mission creep."

Edward Hasbrouck's "Practical Nomad" weblog:

DHS Privacy Impact Assessment of US VISIT:

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