[Trash-talk] PJ Harvey @ the Knitting Factory (concert review, NGR)

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Tue Aug 17 08:39:51 PDT 2004

i saw her the night before at the henry fonda... and although the set list
was a tiny tiny bit different and the dress in question was red, i agree
(particularly with the karen o impersonation bit; maybe it's just the
haircut?).  one of the most amazing shows i have ever seen.
she is so tiny compared to the guys in her band!  they look like an entirely
different species of human being!
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> "It's been a long, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely time..."
> Welcome back to L.A. PJ Harvey. Three years since her last visit here,
> Polly Jean and her new band are playing a few clubs in California as a
> up to their tour. For those of you who have picked up her latest release,
> Uh Huh, Her, and are worried that maybe she's become a bit too dark to put
> on a good rock show, let me put your mind at ease. She rocked the house
> down. PJ and her band are louder and rock harder than even the last time
> she played L.A. Oh, and they sounded excellent. The new songs sound very
> different, and in my opinion, better, in a live setting. And while she's
> not quite as hyper as Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, she did a pretty
> impersonation on this night, prancing around the stage during one song and
> then writhing on the floor during another while screaming the lyrics as
> loud as she possibly could. She also looked great in her short cotton
> yellow dress and purple heels. I can't wait to catch her again on the
> As a girl screamed about halfway through the show, "You're the shit, Polly
> Jean!"
> Setlist:
> To Bring You My Love
> Whore's Hustle
> Who The Fuck
> The Letter
> Dress
> Shame
> Victory
> You Come Through
> Catherine
> Down By The Water
> Pocket Knife
> Monsta
> Cat On The Wall
> Harder
> Taut
> ----------
> Mother
> 50 Ft. Queenie
> Uh Huh Her
> ----------
> Big Exit
> *** out of ***
> pongo
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