[Trash-talk] Re: Enjoy the Silence

Alan Hoppe scully_itsme at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 13:20:22 PDT 2004

Hi. My name's Alan and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. Have been on 
trash-talk since summer of 98? Or 97? I can't remember now. I used to get 
super drunk and post really long annoying messages but now I just post sober 
short annoying messages most of the time. I'm single. Shirley's married. 
Therein lies the source of my inner madness. So I turned to art and have 
been working on stuff in pastels at the moment. This keeps me from doing 
anything kooky like mailing my ear to Smart Studios.

I run an MSN community called Beautiful Garbage and noooo I didn't name it 
after the third album, I named it after that line in the Hole song because 
during Version 2.0 I kept hearing that song and loving that song and it made 
me think of this really great time to be a Garbage fan, every time Courtney 
sang "beautiful garbage ..." Plus it's oxymoronic etc etc. Blah blah blah. 
Tried to run a dot com version but couldn't get my shit together and have 
been unable to really devote the amount of time necessary to doing one of 
those COOL websites. But I'm really good at doing image scans and have had 
lots of my press scans stolen by sites, which is like a compliment, I guess.

Anyway, I'm single and not looking .... earth people are really complicated 
and dramatic. I just want to continue persuing my art right now and I've not 
really had a chance to read trash-talk lately. Which is a first.


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