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Oh bugger..... I must have misunderstood it. Thanks for the correction.


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>>I'd love to work for Pixar or Disney. No, Pixar is not a part of 
>>Disney............ anymore...
>Pixar *never* was a part of Disney. A lot of my mates work over in 
>Emeryville and would never work for Disney. :)
>Disney didn't have anything whatsoever to do with any of Pixar's output - 
>they only distributed the films and promoted Pixar toys in the Disney 
>Stores. Despite this total lack of creative input towards Pixar productions 
>(no contribution to casting, scripting or animation) Disney took 50% of 
>Pixar's profits due to the 1997 Co-Production Agreement. Disney did help 
>co-fund Pixar's first project Toy Story but beyond that Pixar essentially 
>paid for all their own work.
>That's why Steve Jobs, CEO of Pixar since its formation in 1986 (and also 
>CEO of Apple), finally took Pixar away from Disney. They wanted to 
>renegotiate the CPA so that Pixar could get the money it truly deserved for 
>its work and Disney said "no, we want our 50%" (some even say that Eisner 
>argued for *more* money to bolster the floundering Disney Animation Studios 
>who were reeling from expensive flops like Treasure Planet). Pixar are now 
>being wooed by every other studio in the business and Michael Eisner's 
>position at Disney looks rockier each and every day. Jobs has also implied 
>Pixar would be happy to rebuild relations at an Eisner-free Disney. 
>Unfortunately, the current CPA allows Disney to self-produce sequels to the 
>Pixar projects made during the CPA, which means a crappy Toy Story 3 away 
>from Pixar is in the works.
>Full info at http://www.pixar.com/companyinfo/aboutus/
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