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> I'd love to work for Pixar or Disney. No, Pixar is not a part of 
> Disney............ anymore...
> @nette

Pixar *never* was a part of Disney. A lot of my mates work over in 
Emeryville and would never work for Disney. :)

Disney didn't have anything whatsoever to do with any of Pixar's output 
- they only distributed the films and promoted Pixar toys in the Disney 
Stores. Despite this total lack of creative input towards Pixar 
productions (no contribution to casting, scripting or animation) Disney 
took 50% of Pixar's profits due to the 1997 Co-Production Agreement. 
Disney did help co-fund Pixar's first project Toy Story but beyond that 
Pixar essentially paid for all their own work.

That's why Steve Jobs, CEO of Pixar since its formation in 1986 (and 
also CEO of Apple), finally took Pixar away from Disney. They wanted to 
renegotiate the CPA so that Pixar could get the money it truly deserved 
for its work and Disney said "no, we want our 50%" (some even say that 
Eisner argued for *more* money to bolster the floundering Disney 
Animation Studios who were reeling from expensive flops like Treasure 
Planet). Pixar are now being wooed by every other studio in the 
business and Michael Eisner's position at Disney looks rockier each and 
every day. Jobs has also implied Pixar would be happy to rebuild 
relations at an Eisner-free Disney. Unfortunately, the current CPA 
allows Disney to self-produce sequels to the Pixar projects made during 
the CPA, which means a crappy Toy Story 3 away from Pixar is in the 

Full info at http://www.pixar.com/companyinfo/aboutus/


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