[Trash-talk] Enjoy the Silence?

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Sat Apr 24 11:29:35 PDT 2004

>Your name, age, job, status, whatever.

Hello, my name is Anette, and I'm a Garboholic. I'm 21 years old and have 
been on and off this list for the past 4-5 years. I've loved Garbage since 
the start of their career, but didn't fall madly in love until Version 2.0 
came out. Since then I have (according to my mum) "wasted" a countless 
ammount of money on them.

I am currently studying music production which I totally love. I live in 
Bergen (Norway), but am from a tiny village by the Hardanger Fiord 

I am planning on moving to London in August with a friend, but after getting 
yet another job rejection I might have to cancel those plans. I'm 
struggeling to find a job, and within the music world I don't stand a 
chance! Unless I participate on Idol.......

At the moment I am single, but am looking to find a man who can endure me 
for more than one night.

I am dangerously in love with cartoons and dream to one day be doing sound 
for cartoons. Along the lines of what Foley does. I'd love to work for Pixar 
or Disney. No, Pixar is not a part of Disney............ anymore...


"Listen to Genie, dear, Genie knows."

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