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Silver Vow Silver_Vow at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 26 12:38:58 PDT 2004

Hey all,

I am Meg (known to some as SilverVow I guess?).

I've been on this list since the November before Version 2.0 came out.  I've met up with a few trashers in my day (in Minneapolis and London).  I scanned almost my whole collection which is still on display at www.silvermeg.net/garbage and I made the Garbge sim skins (which is almost up to 28k in hits despite no update in like two years!!)

Right now I am finishing my second year of Film at Rochester Institute of Technology (where Roxy Erickson went) in Rochester, New York.  I am now working towards my Masters in Business as well cause I'd really like to produce.  This summer I am going back home to teach digital video at a camp in Minneapolis... I might be going to Europe (Madrid, Budapest, and possibly London)... if anyone would like to meet up, let me know =]

I dunno... stuff!  I can't wait for the next album even though I don't think I've listened to Garbage in quite a few months.

Also... anyone remember me?

Say hi if you want on AIM at Mara11jade

see ya guys!


www.silvermeg.net - full site
www.silvermeg.com - just movies
www.rit.edu/~riottv - show I produce
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