[Trash-talk] Re: Enjoy the Silence

Ian Abbott iabbott at ruiner.demon.co.uk
Sat Apr 24 04:26:51 PDT 2004

>> Your name, age, job, status, whatever. If you've got kids.

Right, I suppose I'd better delurk as well...

I'm Ian and I seem to have been on this list forever - 8 or 9 years, 
however long it's been since it started anyway and a long time ago I 
used to do a Garbage fan site (but had to give up when I ran out of 
spare time in my life!). I live about 40 miles north of London and 
spend way too much time every day commuting back and forth to my 
offices in Soho where I work in the film industry doing stuff on your 
Harry Potters and Alien versus Predators and so on. When I'm not doing 
that, I'm relaxing in my home where I do work on various websites for 
friends of mine whilst listening to music (so maybe that fan site will 
come back one day), or I go for long walks in the woods and hills 
around me. As for age, let's just say I'm a thirtysomething, and still 
single, which I suppose makes me an eligible bachelor... :)

I think that's enough for now.


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