[Trash-talk] Elliott Smith and some Garbage notes

Susan Senn kanuz at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 22 16:10:11 PDT 2003

First off the sad news about Elliott Smith, I don't know who's heard yet, 
but be died yesterday of an apparently self-inflicted knife wound.  Nothing 
is sadder and more upsetting than when someone takes their life, let alone 
when it's someone with so much to offer :(

On the lighter side of things I hjave some random Garbage things.  New 
journals are up.  Not really anything spectacular, just Shirley rambling on 
about the damned Cubs.  Also my roommate is in a play about Go-Go dancing 
and she told me one of her dance songs is probably going to be Cherry Lips.  
Also in case anyone cares, I drove by Smart the other day and it's all fixed 
up with a new door.  I was concerned for a while when it was plywood nailed 
up behind some pipes.


"...don't tell anyone in America, but I used to have a drug problem." - 
Courtney Love

"Let us discuss SEX  DRUGS AND ROCK 'N ROLL for a minute. I'm getting no 
SEX.  The DRUGS don't work for me and ROCK 'N ROLL is painful and time 
consuming." - Shirley Manson

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