[Trash-talk] Elliott Smith and some Garbage notes

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 22 19:06:31 PDT 2003

Thank you for the update on the studio diaries and the wall of Smart Studios
being fixed, and that's really really sad about Elliott Smith. I hadn't
heard about that. You're right, it's really sad when someone takes their own

Snowflake told me that there's an article up on subhuman.net from the
Edinburgh Evening News, October 9, about Shirley being in the upcoming MTV
Europe Awards. It wasn't mentioned here, so I am passing it along.

A Seattle reporter was trashing Courtney in the press in this week's
STRANGER weekly and it had me in a totally pissed off mood as I commuted
home today. That had me thinking about Kurt Cobain and the tragedy of
suicide at one point, and then I got in and read your post about Elliott


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From: "Susan Senn" <kanuz at hotmail.com>

> First off the sad news about Elliott Smith, I don't know who's heard yet,
> but be died yesterday of an apparently self-inflicted knife wound.
> is sadder and more upsetting than when someone takes their life, let alone
> when it's someone with so much to offer :(
> On the lighter side of things I hjave some random Garbage things.  New
> journals are up.  Not really anything spectacular, just Shirley rambling
> about the damned Cubs.  Also my roommate is in a play about Go-Go dancing
> and she told me one of her dance songs is probably going to be Cherry
> Also in case anyone cares, I drove by Smart the other day and it's all
> up with a new door.  I was concerned for a while when it was plywood
> up behind some pipes.
> Susan
> "...don't tell anyone in America, but I used to have a drug problem." -
> Courtney Love

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