[Trash-talk] I can't stop when it comes to you....

starvin' at nette bowdowntoanette at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 12:08:50 PDT 2003

>your subject line - "i can't stop when it comes to you..." - is a line from
>VOW, isn't it? or have i completely lost my marbles? well, even if it's 
>my version of VOW had shirley singing "i can't stop when it comes to 
>and it is just looping over and over, with the methodic percussion and
>noises repeating and repeating. it's quite maddening, but sort of cool at
>the same time.

Crudmuffin, I forgot...... *lol* Ok, so I admit, I thought about Vow when I 
wrote the subject line. But like an idiot, I forgot about it.


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