[Trash-talk] I can't stop when it comes to you....

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 19 18:51:51 PDT 2003

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From: "starvin' @nette"

> Vow?????? How on earth did you get Hammering to turn into Vow???

your subject line - "i can't stop when it comes to you..." - is a line from
VOW, isn't it? or have i completely lost my marbles? well, even if it's not,
my version of VOW had shirley singing "i can't stop when it comes to you..."
and it is just looping over and over, with the methodic percussion and
noises repeating and repeating. it's quite maddening, but sort of cool at
the same time.

but wait! i just remembered. it's at the beginning of the song.

i can't use what i can't abuse
and i can't stop when it comes to you.

there we go.

> Anyway, wasn't Hammering written on the bullet train from Tokyo to Nagoua,
> Nogoia (or what ever... I have no idea how to spell that name)? I think I
> remember reading that some years ago.

i have to go check that link that BAZ posted. i bet he provided me with a
picture! oh neat.

> But regarding bullet trains aren't they those ultra-fast electric trains?
> believe their popularity are growing mainly in Japan and Europe. I think I
> remember watching a show on them on Discovery, they're mainly used in
> Germany and Japan. Correct me if I'm wrong, tho.

well thanks for all of your pondering on this topic. i appreciate it.


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