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Sun Oct 19 18:16:29 PDT 2003

Found an article on an internetpage for a Norwegian newspaper. I haven't 
read it before, but I knew of the even. I have a video from the same "press 
conference". The article itself isn't very well written, but Shirley's 
constant munching of strawberries is rather amusing. It's from the Quart 
Festival in 99, and it's got a couple of cute pictures too:

And the article goes like this:

"A boatride with Garbage"

Garbage were on a boatride with the press yesterday. Singer Shirley Manson 
preferred talking about Crown Prince Haakon.

Is he here? I heard he's seen us once before. Is he cute? I always dreamed 
of becoming a queen...

Shirley Manson stuffs strawberries in her mouth and laughs at the same time. 
Garbage are on a boatride in the bays of Southern Norway with the press, 
sun, beer, strawberries and melons. It's the band's third day in 
Kristiansand. Apparently an abnormal experience.

It's better than drugs. At least that we know of, says Duke Erikson.

Butch Vig explains.

Usually it's straight in and straight out of the city. Getting three days of 
holiday before performing is luxurious. Besides, we've met a lot of 
interresting parts of the local population.

Since the album Version 2.0 came out last year, Vig and Garbage have played 
over 200 shows around the world. From desert to twenty below (celcius). Now 
they'll continiue doing concerts until December before going into the studio 
for album number three.

Shirley eats more strawberries. According to Garbage's big, little 
frontfigur they were incredibly tasty today. Then the strawberries have to 
be put down, an NRK-camera is calling.

Queen over board, screams Butch Vig as a wave sends Shirley towards the 

Well well, it's really not too bad with this Prince, mumbles Shirley and 
goes ashore.

But festivals with rockprinces present aren't quite like other festivals, 
even for Garbage.


"Hello? Operator? Give me the number for nine-one-one!!!"
-Homer Simpson-

"I couldn't recommend it more highly so you should all start producing."
-Butch Vig-

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