[Trash-talk] vmas ..

Alan Hoppe achoppe at earthlink.net
Fri Nov 7 14:28:43 PST 2003

*yawn* just waking up. i taped it. we didn't get the red carpet shirley or
the backstage shirley in our coverage here in the US on MTV2. so i just saw
shirley manson present the award.

she looked amazing, she looked happy, she seemed to be making the best of
this sort of 'gala event' and it was great to see her. loved the t-shirt
with the red star. loved the hairdo. love love love.

it would've been nice to see some backstage banter or any mini-interviews
she did for the press.

i saw @nette's lovely screencaps at the garbage message board and also went
and scoped out breakinguptheguy's web page devoted to this event, on his
as-yet-unveiled website he's working on. the URL for his page is :


i have been posting messages on my garbage community board about this event
beforehand and posted a summary of the info i found today thru the official
garbage board. basically i said to go check out @nette's photos,
breakinguptheboy's page, and subhuman.net .... so i just credited those
who've done what they've done and provided links for other fans to go


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