[Trash-talk] Re: mtv

Adam i Agnieszka Gasiorowski FNORD agquarx at venus.ci.uw.edu.pl
Sat Nov 8 10:37:04 PST 2003

marta wrote:
> ojej zepsulam watek:(
> ale to wszystko wina listy:P lub programu pocztowego?;)
> no ale niewazne, co sadzicie o "nowym" image Shirley?:D

	Wo! She's buzzing with sexual vibrations, maaan...
 :8>. Real Woman, she is. I dreamt ov a redhead with
 a beautiful, looong, soft hair few days ago. There must
 be some kind of mental connection between me and Shirley,
 because I didn't see the MTV show nor pictures before 
 that dream ;8].

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