[Trash-talk] Garbage attend Tandem Press wine auction in Madison, Wisconsin

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Sat Jun 28 19:15:21 PDT 2003

In Scotland they were certified whisky drinkers. Butch must have gotten very 
drunk cos I spoke to him after the show and he was a real chatterbox..! I 
could barely get a word through cos he went on and on. Must admit I was 
slightly annoyed.


"I can't recommend it more highly so you should all start producing."
-Butch Vig-

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>I love that story! I can totally see it happening. I think that Shirley's
>LadyBoys usually *are* more inclined to drink beer if it's available. But
>wine is most likely a welcome alternative!
>I just remembered .. in the Seattle show last summer .. when they were all
>in goofy moods onstage and Shirley said "noooo, Duke - you don't have TIME
>to have a beer!" and the next song (Cherry Lips) was already starting, I
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>From: "Wilson E King"
> > I gave Butch a large bottle of red wine after a show and he was stoked!
> > They had a long ride from San Jose to LA that night... a few nights
> > later I asked him if they had enjoyed the wine and he said that they
> > did.  So yeah, if it's alcohol, Garbage will drink it.
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