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> -Ummmm...the new Liz Phair record is a pure pop record and coming out of 
> Liz Phair herself she has said that she wants to sell records already.  It 
> isn't the angry bad ass Liz on Exile in Guyville..and its a complete 180 from 
> whitechocolatespaceegg even.  It took me a while to get into and I now really 
> like the self titled record...but its not the typical Liz that I love
> Kick My Ass
> Victoria 

I heard the new album & really dig it, either way as an "indie rock queen" or 
"princess pop" she still cool to me :)

"As I got older I had to step out of the lines. And make up my own mind. As I 
got light as a feather they got stiff as a board. I can't feel any more, but 
I can fake it forever."  Liz Phair, "Bionic Eyes"


"That I'm a little despot, short and stout, Here is my handgun, here is my 
crowd control, When you tick me off then the bullets fly out." 
"Don't come and play, I like to be on my own, don't miss me, people say I'm 
better off alone" liz phair
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