[Trash-talk] grrr Forth 1 radio

Shell Bryson shell.bryson at digitalharmony.co.uk
Mon Jun 23 14:03:18 PDT 2003

This morning, Forth1 radio (local city radio, Edinburgh, Scotland) had a "Red is not dead" (or something) competition. Anyway it woke me up at 7:30am, and I kinda half slept while they gave the first clues to todays competition;

"This famous redheaded singer was born in 1966, and used to have a saturday job at Selfridges."

I was half asleep, so started to dream of Shirley before I even really realised it was a competition.

Then, 30 minutes later the second clue;

"This redheaded singer also sang a bond theme."

At which point I was VERY awake, leaped out of bed, grabbed the phone and started madly trying to get through to the radio station!

Um... but we didn't win. Some girl got through and got the answer right before us. "Shirley Manson", of course. Really annoyed! My subconcious answered the question while I was asleep even before the second clue for the competition! We could've won! (£150 of vouchers would have been nice!!!)

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