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> Well, I've never even heard of Abandoned Pools, but I'm probably just
> falling behind the times again (I only just recently discovered this
> up-and-coming young singer out of Chicago named Liz Phair). Are they a
> relatively young band? I was under the impression that most opening
> bands endure far more hostile abuse than the crowd just sitting on their
> hands. That's just how it is...crowds are always mainly there to see the
> headliner. And Garbage's audience is probably a lot friendlier than that
> of some other bands. He should consider himself lucky.

-Liz Phair is 35 year old woman whose been around since 1993.  Check out all 
the other albums before you check out the new one...thats the real Liz Phair.  
This new stuff is Liz Phair trying to be a pop star.

Kick My Ass
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