[Trash-talk] where is everyone?

Manson manson26 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 12 01:06:37 PDT 2003

> abbey wrote:
> "i miss you when you're goooone..."
> "i feel far away from you. so what else is new?
> the moon is closer to the sun than i am to
> anyone..."
> -----------------------------------------
> abbey abbey abbey!
> i'm around but spent the past week fluttering about
> hither and thither.
> unable to take time to post anything, i just skimmed
> through trash-talk
> messages when time allowed, and agonized over not
> being able to bombard the
> list with my usual off-topic shenanigans. this led
> me to long stretches of
> roadway away from my computer, with insane urges to
> post tons of messages.
> but no time!!!
> however, if i WERE to post tons of messages, i think
> that the lack of some
> exciting new garbage news would prompt me to create
> fictional news stories
> .. but after that abba fiasco a few years back,
> maybe that wouldn't be such
> a good idea! (IE saying that garbage's next b-side
> was a cover of 'dancing
> queen' which made at least one closet abba fan on
> the list very upset when
> it was discovered that this song was fictional)
> *haha*
> it's nice to read some pongo concert reviews in the
> downtime! i just wish
> claire would pop up and save the day with her usual
> blend of garbage data
> findings and misuse of spellcheck. it's just not the
> same .. someone rescue
> claire from the evil boarding school mutants!!!
> in the meantime i will continue lurking and
> hopefully get time to make
> everyone sick of me once again when i can write new
> stories and endlessly
> pine for a 3 AM rapture of shirley manson, pancakes,
> and watching the
> sunrise from a diner out in some little hickey town.
> save me shirley! i
> promise not to try to hold your hand under the
> table!

Awww... that's the cutest line I've read in ages.
Holding someones hand under a table :) I'd like to
hold Butch's hand! (Or Shirley's) If only dreams could
come true.


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