[Introspective] Final results of poll on ranking the PSB "special projects"

Wayne Studer psbfan at geowayne.com
Sat Aug 22 22:09:16 PDT 2015

The final results are in for my two-part poll this past week. First I asked 
my site visitors to rank, from 1 to 4 (with 1 being the best or their most 
favorite) the Pet Shop Boys' large-scale special musical projects: "Closer 
to Heaven," "Battleship Potemkin," "The Most Incredible Thing," and "A Man 
from the Future." And the one that both had the largest number of #1 
rankings and the best average ranking was:

* Their film score "Battleship Potemkin," ranked #1 by 38.3% of the voters 
and earning an average ranking of 2.06.

For the record, the overall breakdown of the other average ranking (keeping 
in mind that, the lower the average, the better) was "Closer to Heaven" 
(2.20), "The Most Incredible Thing" (2.71), and "A Man from the Future" 
(2.96). To see the complete, detailed results, please visit my "Commentary" 
site at http://www.geowayne.com/psbhtml.htm and select one of the "Past 
Survey Results" options in the top navigation bar or click the appropriate 
link on my "What's New?" page.

My new poll for the week ahead ventures into the realm of fantasy, or at 
least wishful thinking. If you had the opportunity to become part of the 
"PSB crew" -- that select group of people who support the Boys and their 
work in various ways -- which of various possible roles would you be most 
interested in filling? And this involves your believing that you have the 
skills, at least to some degree, that would be necessary to fill that role. 
(We're on the honor system here!) Please note that I offer my usual 
"catch-all" option of "Something else not listed here" as well as a "None of 
the above" choice for those of you who may not feel you would be able to 
fill any such role and/or wouldn't even want to. Thanks so much to Daniel 
Dannypannic for thinking of and suggesting this delightful question!

Thanks as well to everyone who voted in last week's survey! And I hope you 
all have a fantastic week ahead!


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