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Adam Cooper acooper101 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 18 15:28:44 PDT 2006

The show at DAR Constitution Hall was a bit disappointing.  Psychological is
too mellow of a song to start a concert with, in my opinion.  The origami
box setup was a little awkward as well.  The white uniformed guys often had
trouble placing the boxes, and honestly, it was a little distracting with
them continually moving the boxes around during the show.  I know it was
meant to be artistic, and I have to admit that having them wear white so
that all the projections would blend in was a good idea.  The song choices
were very good, and Neil was in high spirits, even remarking on how posh the
venue was (and it is a very nice place, indeed).


There is one big no-no during this show.  There is a 25 minute intermission
only 45 minutes into the set.  At the end of the intermission, the boys come
back on stage with a dirge-like song out of Battleship Potemkin.  It was a
horribly conceived transition from Act 1 to Act 2, completely causing them
to lose the steam that they had built up during the first 45 minutes.


During the intermission, I was reading the text in the tour book, and I
couldn't help thinking that after all these years, Chris still acts like a
tempermental brat.  He was fussing over what he was going to wear during the
show, and honestly, since he adds very little to the performance, it really
wouldn't have mattered less.  His only contribution is during the comic
opening montage, which I will not spoil.  That bit was definitely funny
though.  For the rest of the show, he stood there stoic-like.  He could have
just as easily been replaced by a DAT deck.  In prior shows, he has been
more animated.  Performance being the most notable tour.  Stop phoning it
in, Chris.  If you don't like photography, then perhaps you should stay home
and let Neil be the sole face of the PSB.  You drag down the show.


And that's the problem.  The Boys can't seem to top Performance.  It was
their landmark tour, and it was brilliant.  Having said that, the new songs
are great.  Neil definitely seems as into it as ever, slapping hands with
the audience.  The backup singers could not have been better.  The dancers
were both superb.


Favorite line of the night.'We're still the Pet Shop Boys.'


Guys, I hope you'll stay together another 20 years, but for the next tour,
please think about what would go over best for the audience.  You've got
money, put more of it into your stage, please.  Minimal may have been the
intent, but Always On My Mind came across as a high school theater
production.  I know you can do much, much better.  I still believe in you.

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