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On Friday, 17.03.2006 at 09:19 +0100, Erik Cedergren wrote:

>         It's wonderful! How ful of ironi, and a really catchy tune. 
> However, I doubt that it will become a real hit with the public. Top 
> 20 in the UK thanks to the fanbase, hopefully, but not much more than 
> that.
>         ...on the other hand, if the rumours of having Little Britain 
> actors in a video for this album are true, it is *definitely* for this 
> song.  LB may pull some extra buyers, moving it another spot or two up 
> the list.

Not rumours any more, according to www.petshopboys.co.uk:

"Formats - 17 March '06

Pet Shop Boys' new single, "I'm with Stupid", will be released on three
formats: CD, DVD and picture disc 7" vinyl. The DVD will include the
video for "I'm with Stupid", starring David Walliams and Matt Lucas.
Release date is May 8.

The new album, "Fundamental", will be released on CD and vinyl. There
will also be a limited two-CD special edition with a bonus CD (entitled
"Fundamentalism") of dance tracks and mixes. The complete track-listing
will be announced here soon. Release date is May 22."

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