[Introspective] The new PSB single...

Zdenek Stanka s.zdenek at volny.cz
Wed Mar 15 02:18:32 PST 2006

So I've been listening to this promo for about 10 times and yes, I must say I
like it...


... I have to ask myself (again): didn't our Boys put their foot wrong (again)
with their choice of a new single??? Is *this* really the best way to promote
the new album???

Well, I can't obviously do anything with it but wait for the whole album to make
my mind...


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Browsing through the Internet, I've just heard the new Pet Shop Boys single -
I'm With Stupid

It's got a fantastically boombastic orchestra-meets-Gary-Numan opening, then
settles down somewhat after that amazing high to be a traditionally good Pet
Shop Boys song, with a reasonable bassline, fantastic lyrics. But the drums on
it are awesome. Being a Trevor Horn production, it's very "wall of sound" -
they've thrown everything at it in between the lyrics, but it does work. If you
ask me.

Must stop being giddy. Listen to it online (unofficially of course) via
http://www.tennant-lowe.com/psb.html or point your local friendly Bittorrent
application at



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