[Introspective] Here's the solution. (Was: PopArt--Copyprotected???)

Random Tox random_tox at hotmail.com
Wed Jan 21 14:17:19 PST 2004

I've tried the latest version of Wavelab, which is a wave editor that can
read and save MP3 files and it was able to make exact copies of Kraftwerk's
latest album which is copy controlled no problem, so there's another option
for you...

Random Tox

> Or to make it a zillion times easier - get yourself a copy of the 'Nero -
> Burning ROM' DVD/CD-Writer program, it rips _ALL_ types of so called
> Copy-protected discs (at least all types I've tried) without any problem,
> used different versions of the program with three different kind of
> and it has always worked...

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