[Introspective] Here's the solution. (Was: PopArt--Copy protected???)

The Virtual One mats-bjo at dsv.su.se
Wed Jan 21 17:49:28 PST 2004

On Wed, 21 Jan 2004, Adrian Tan wrote:

> Well, guys, in case you haven't heard, these so-called copy-protected CDs
> are but millions of dollars wasted on R & D by Sony and their gang. Once
> little piece of opaque sticker will render the copy-protection useless!
> Here's how:

[Lots of info clipped]

Or to make it a zillion times easier - get yourself a copy of the 'Nero -
Burning ROM' DVD/CD-Writer program, it rips _ALL_ types of so called
Copy-protected discs (at least all types I've tried) without any problem, I've
used different versions of the program with three different kind of CD-writers
and it has always worked...


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