[Introspective] Here's the solution. (Was: PopArt--Copy protected???)

Adrian Tan eleven at post1.com
Wed Jan 21 15:33:37 PST 2004

Well, guys, in case you haven't heard, these so-called copy-protected CDs 
are but millions of dollars wasted on R & D by Sony and their gang. Once 
little piece of opaque sticker will render the copy-protection useless!

Here's how:
1) Take a close look at your copy-protected CD. You should be able to see a 
thin separation line somewhere near the outer edge of the disc. This line 
separates the data track and the audio track. Apparently, the thinner 
section nearer to the outer edge is the data section which tells your PC 
not to play or show the content of the disc. Instead, it pops up an audio 
player that can be used to play the songs on the disc. As such you can't 
copy the disc -- or maybe you can, but only the data section.

2) To overcome this, just cut a piece of thin opaque (don't use transparent 
or translucent) adhesive tape, say about 1 cm in width. Stick this tape 
over the data section. You must cover the separation line too but not the 
audio section (or you'll have problem with the ending of the last song on 
the disc). You tape must be as thin as possible or it may cause wobbling 
when you CD writer spins it.

3) By doing so, you're denying the PC from reading the data track because 
the data is corrupted by the adhesive tape. Actually, your PC will not know 
that it's a data CD and will instead try to read it as an audio CD. So when 
it finds that there is audio data on it, it will take it as a regular audio 
disc. Use your Windows Explorer to see if you can see the all the tracks. 
Click on any track and it should play on your PC's default audio player. If 
this is the case, you can then copy the audio disc like any other.  :)

At 06:00 PM 1/20/2004 -0600, John Turpin wrote:
>At 5:42 PM -0500 1/20/04, BradShaw6 at aol.com wrote:
> >The PopArt CDs have those stickers on them about being copy 
> protected...but I burned a copy on my laptop without any problem...
> >How exactly are they copy protected?  Has anyone had trouble burning a 
> copy?  Maybe I just don't understand what they mean by the phrase.
>The European and Japanese "Miracles" CDs I have supposedly are 
>copy-protected, but I had no problem ripping from both in iTunes on my Mac.
>My 3xCD PopArt CDs (7243 595093 2 7) aren't copy-protected, though.
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