[Introspective] OM*F*G!!!!!

Pudgie Pig pudgiepig at yahoo.com.au
Sun Jan 11 07:01:42 PST 2004

Here's what I have:

Does all of the PAL-NTSC conversions automatically,
region free(no codes to enter), 5.1 surround + other
features. Plays beautifully! Will work worldwide. They
back up their product.
Very reliable deck in hacker circles.

I'll buy another as soon as they have the SACD decoder
built in.


 --- Erik Cedergren <ecgn at algonet.se> wrote: > > Since
this group would also be interested in
> watching PAL discs, be
> > sure to get one that does PAL-NTSC conversion.
>         I don't know about PAL to NTSC, but for NTSC
> to PAL the 
> processing performance of the player needs to be
> considered. At least 
> on my player, which is a couple of years old by now,
> I can convert 
> NTSC to PAL, but I experience some skipping and
> freezing every now and 
> again. Make sure to test the player in the store
> with a PAL disc 
> before you buy it to see that this is not the case.
>         (For myself, I fortunately happen to own a
> TV that can handle 
> PAL as well as NTSC - sometimes you just have to
> love the French - so 
> I no longer have to play DVD:s in convert mode.)

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